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Rupert Sheldrake, PhD, is a biologist and author best known for his hypothesis of morphic resonance. At Cambridge University he worked in developmental biology as a Fellow of Clare College. He was Principal Plant Physiologist at the International Crops Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics and From 2005 to 2010 was Director of the Perrott-Warrick project, Cambridge.

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Science Set Free Podcast
Talks on science, belief and spirituality between Rupert and philosopher Mark Vernon

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Andrus / Sheldrake Dialogues
Episcopal Bishop of California Marc Andrus and Rupert Sheldrake in conversation.

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Latest Scientific Paper

Determinants of Faraday Wave-Patterns in Water Samples Oscillated Vertically at a Range of Frequencies from 50-200 Hz

Water (2017) Vol 9
by Merlin Sheldrake & Rupert Sheldrake
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The standing wave patterns formed on the surface of a vertically oscillated fluid enclosed by a container have long been a subject of fascination, and are known as Faraday waves. In circular containers, stable, radially symmetrical Faraday wave-patterns are resonant phenomena, and occur at the vibrational modes where whole numbers of waves fit exactly onto the surface of the fluid sample. These phenomena make excellent systems for the study of pattern formation and complex nonlinear dynamics. We provide a systematic exploration of variables that affect Faraday wave pattern formation on water in vertical-walled circular containers including amplitude, frequency, volume (or depth), temperature, and atmospheric pressure. In addition, we developed a novel method for the quantification of the time taken for patterns to reach full expression following the onset of excitation. The excitation frequency and diameter of the container were the variables that most strongly affected pattern morphology. Amplitude affected the degree to which Faraday wave patterns were expressed but did not affect pattern morphology. Volume (depth) and temperature did not affect overall pattern morphology but in some cases altered the time taken for patterns to form. We discuss our findings in light of René Thom’s catastrophe theory, and the framework of attractors and basins of attraction. We suggest that Faraday wave phenomena represent a convenient and tractable analogue model system for the study of morphogenesis and vibrational modal phenomena in dynamical systems in general, examples of which abound in physical and biological systems.

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Rupert talks Science and Spiritual Practices with Brian Rose of the popular channel London Real, 2018.

The Revival of Pilgrimage

In recent years huge numbers of people have taken to old pilgrimage routes in a revival of this ancient spiritual practice.

Science Vs God: Rupert speaks with Russell Brand

A conversation between Rupert and the comedian and philosopher Russell Brand on November 3, 2017.

Psychedelic Experience and Morphic Resonance

Rupert's talk at Breaking Convention 2017: the 4th International Conference on Psychedelic Consciousness, the University of Greenwich London, June 30th, 2017.

Can Science and Religion Partner in a New Phase of Human Exploration?

Science as an institution has come to resemble dogmatic religion in its adherence to outmoded or ill-founded notions, particularly regarding materialism. But perhaps a path is opening up, allowing science and religion to progress together in a complementary way.

The Extended Mind: Experimental Evidence For the Effects of Attention at a Distance. Goldsmiths College, 2017

The standard assumption is that minds are located inside heads. But many mental phenomena, including vision, suggest that minds are far more extensive than brains.

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Science Set Free /
The Science Delusion

Scientific and Medical Network
Book of the Year Award Winner

Arguing Science: A Dialogue on the Future of Science and Spirit

Rupert and renowned skeptic Michael Shermer discuss science & meterialism.

A New Science of Life /
Morphic Resonance

"Books of this importance and elegance come along rarely." — Larry Dossey, MD

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Latest Article

Sacred Song, and Where to Find it

From Resurgence & Ecologist, Jan/Feb 2016, page 56

I was an atheist when I was an undergraduate at Cambridge and for several years afterwards, yet I still went to choral evensong because I found it so inspiring and uplifting. Whatever your religious faith, or lack of it, no one is going to question you about your beliefs or your motives when you attend.

Featured Trialogue — Ralph Abraham, Terence McKenna and Rupert Sheldrake

Creativity and the Imagination

The crisis in science: collision between the permanent and evolutionary views of the nature of reality. The universe as an evolving system of habits. Did natural law exist before the Big Bang? Cosmic creativity, imagination and the womb of chaos. How is human imagination related to the creative principle of nature? Human history as a Gaian dream. The Divine Imagination as the source of all creativity. How can we extract the message of the Gaian mind? The nature of the Logos. The personal apocalypse. The journey of language to the Divine Imagination. Natural law, ordinary reality and chaos.

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Upcoming Appearances

UK Talk: Science and Spiritual Practices, London

March 16, Friday, Tara Yoga Centre, London EC1V 3QW, 6.30 - 8.30 pm
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UK Talk: Science and Spiritual Practices, London

April 25, Wednesday, 42 Acres Shoreditch, London EC2A 4LW, 7.30-9.00 pm
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Canada Workshop, co-led with Merlin and Cosmo Sheldrake: Science and Spiritual Practices

August 1-5, Hollyhock, Cortes Island, BC, Canada
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